The “Rough Man” Club is established in 1993, and all its members are real people who are interested and practice BDSM. In our Club there is a studio where we shoot punishment scenes and a special procedure of affiliate with the Club. And some items you can see only on site if assented by Club members.
Special attention should be paid to the procedure of affiliation with the Club. Only girls who want to affiliate with the Club and get the Club Golden Card “Rough Man” are subject to this procedure. Read more >>

Kinky Females

Video Length: 8 min


Women often have trust issues and are unwilling to share their deep things with any man. Take this group of girls for example. Being friends since ages ago, they were each other's best soulmates. No surprise they shared their obsession with being punished and spanked, hard. The group made their way to the club where they could relieve themselves by taking turns getting tied to the punishment bench.


Video Length: 18 min


This cute brunette with the short hair cut doesn't know what she's gotten into when she finds herself prone and rope tied to a bench. Her ripe delicious looking butt is bared to the wind and that wind carries a big whipping cane. Soon her tight little bottom is being whipped mercilessly until it turns a juicy blood red. Her asscheeks sizzle like raw bacon on the griddle as she suffers stroke after stroke of bdsm whipping torture.


Video Length: 7 min


There's nothing like seeing a cute blonde girl's delicous little butt turned red from a sadistic cane whipping. This blonde girl is rope tied prone on the bed as her bdsm dominatrix subjects her to the most cruel of cane spankings. She kneads those reddened buttcheeks and whips them again and again til they glow with searing pain and glisten with raw red whipped ass flesh. She knows whom her mistress is and now her ass shows.


Video Length: 3 min


Sometimes them women are so refined and picky. This gorgeous-looking redhead had always wanted to lie dolled up in her best white lingerie, tied to a bench, being punished by a mean master hiding his identity behind a military mask. See how her feet tremble as she gets blow after blow from this monster. The Club is always ready to enroll new female members who enjoy undergoing this so much!

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