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Episode Name: Punishment of the wife.


Update: 20 January 2010 Time: 14:52

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Episode Name: Exciting red ass


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 18:00

This amazing young babe has never thought spanking can give so much pleasure until she's visited our Club today. We believe the cutie will become our constant guest since this time, because the way our mistress has treated her is really unforgettable. Take a look at the girl's red ass! Isn't it perfect!? We believe you'll also get much satisfied while watching one of the best flagellation vids from our archive.

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Episode Name: First time in the Club


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 09:06

This nice looking mature comes to the Rough Man Club for the first time, but she's heard much about its brutal rules. The brunette is sure to keep in mind this lucky day for the rest of her life, cause there's no other place in the world where you can turn even the most perverted spanking fantasies into reality so easily. Watch the newest flagellation video, we've prepared for you today.

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Episode Name: Welcoming Velial


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 10:40

This footage dates back to the year 2000. Yet another nasty admission procedure with this sexy juicy bitch thoroughly interviewed about her perverse BDSM needs, followed by you all know what. Watch her thick ass tied to a bench, and then some spanking hell broke loose making her cheeks nicely swollen and red, and her face happy. That's what we at Rough Man Club call the ultimate realization of dreams.

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Episode Name: Admitting Sandra


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 09:00

Yet another scene from 2000 when we were testing the limits of this future gold card member known as Sandra. Watch the thin, short-haired beauty stretched along the bench with her tight titties pressed into the hard wood. Oh, just how happy she is, exposing her entire nude body for us to judge, and taking every hit happily. Prior to that, she has confessed all her sinful SM thoughts, and this made the procedure even wilder.

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Episode Name: Thick-ass victim


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 07:50

We hate to suffer the shortage of sexy, submissive girls who are ready to shamelessly expose their curves and take anything we may have in store for them. This one lucky lady tames our hunger for such victims and delivers a truly outstanding performance. Watch her heavy, ample ass get exposed as she enjoys her body pressed against the hard wood of the bench. A rope is worked around her and there is nothing she enjoys more than helplessness.

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Episode Name: Hot brunette slapped


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 10:20

It's always a pleasure to take control over a girl who can appreciate the submissive role. It's especially pleasurable if the victim is such an exotic young beauty who is not shy to reveal her kinky character. Watch this raven-haired hottie pull her fine underwear down, her perfectly shaped ass glowing in the air. Tied and spanked, she presses herself against the bench as her lovely cheeks get red and swollen sending electricity to her brain.

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Episode Name: Ready for flagellation


Update: 02 November 2009 Time: 9:16

There are dozens of babes in our Club who haven�t thought the flagellation is so pleasant, and this pale slender woman belongs exactly to this category. It's her first flagellation experience, so we are sure she'll keep it in mind for ages! Female's sexy ass has never looked so red and exciting. Download the full video and enjoy breathtaking bdsm scene with your own eyes now.

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Episode Name: lin's accepting


Update: 24 October 2009 Time: 10:15

Amazing brunette Helen has been always striving for self-affirmation, and this very dream brings the girl to the Rough Man Club. The only thought of brutal punishment makes cute Helen get excited in a moment. She's been dreaming of hard spanking from the age of ten, and it's just the time this perverted BDSM fantasy turned into reality. Watch tied up babe lashed on the bench.

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Episode Name: In search of fame 2


Update: 24 October 2009 Time: 07:53

Two pretty girls from the provinces have been always dreaming of fame.. They arrive to the capital in search of the high-paid job and don�t suspect their manager will appear to be so cunning and cruel. The man refers the naive babes to the new Russian 'Saltychiha'. Watch the magnificent flagellation video, featuring the brutal mistress and the simple-minded provincials who've become famous in our Club.

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