Tavern 18 part 1.

Tavern 18 part 1.

The new season of the Tavern.


Bar. Behind her a Porphyry and Alina.

Porphyry puts on a gramophone record
-Here Of America itself came to us
-So Much and from America?
- And where else. From America. With a short stop in Odessa. All Smuggling there. Nicanor Kondratievich in delivery contributed.
- And, well, then it's understandable. Nicanor Kondratievich this. It can ... This is me by his grace today so dress flashily?
- Do not dress flashily - didactically corrects inn, and clothed in the event privately.
He looks at his watch.
-What is Dasha delayed.
- And here, perhaps, and she - Alina looks toward the door where there was a noise
The restaurant consists of two Nepman.
- No, this is not it. That infection. Always late. Well, I remember it is. Oh, and it will fly today.
Porfiry turns to Aline - You're here to go accept the order of the guests. Then one will both entertain them until this infection, which is shlyndraet.
Alina goes to the guests and takes the order.

Flies breathless Dasha. In leather jacket and scarf. Porphyry threatens her with his fist from behind the counter. She makes a terrible eyes and justified
- A collection Komsomol staged. With mandatory attendance. And then her hair done. I instantly. Runs in the back room
- But with this and we had to start - her hair done. A meeting of the Komsomol. I told you ahead of time to come and worship. Oh wait you have me
At this time, Alina guests pours wine and delivers pancakes with caviar.
- That help yourself, dear guests, what God has sent
- I am God, and sovselprom. God we have already read it for ten years, as canceled.
- And in general today we are in Chicago or Tehaschine. And there are all atheists.
Alina laughs coyly covering brightly colored mouth palm.

The scene in the dressing Dashi storage room

-Well, Where's the other beauty. Something she ran off somewhere. And dressed improperly. Not like you, for instance. Atheist from Chicago. - Nepman pretty lybitsya own and in his opinion a very funny joke.
- Who is she change clothes and come to us.
So Dasha converts.
- Well tapericha and can begin. Maestra! Put us some real American music.
Porphyry starts a gramophone while sentences. Will you and the real American music and godless American girls and vzapravdashny sovdepovskie Cheka ... Porphyry waiting time and when crimped nepmany begin to dance with the girls, sneaking to the phone and picks up the phone.
- All can go. Here they are, my dears
... The restaurant includes patrol Cheka.
- Is that you there is for ugliness.
Dumb. Nothing. So just dance. And why bourgeois music?
- Yes, just the other was not - Nicanor Kondratich vanities security officer a few bills. Nepmen disappear behind the door.
- Well, what you do? - Security officer looks at girls
- For this I'll take care of itself - Porphyry shows on Alina ... But this - indicates Dasha - should be thoroughly flogged.


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