Rough Man Club - Exclusive Ass Spanking Video

Established in 1993, the Rough Man Club has been paying attention to the needs of kinky females ever since. The Club is the ultimate place for such girls and women to share their deepest punishment fantasies. Before they are accepted, they have to pass through a special procedure which is always shot on video. Get in to see the highlights of the Club's initiation scenes along with custom-made punishment videos reflecting the fantasies of individual club members, and more. This footage is exclusive to the Club and is not available anywhere else. Read more >>



Video Length: 10 min

A pussy-sweet meaty sissy is undergoing a lashing session as the first test to our Private BDSM Club. Being rather shy in the beginning, she goes more and more nervous right after getting undressed. After being tied to the bench, she can’t help trembling in anticipation of brutal pain. Her moans and groans, combined with red wealed behind, never will make the executor stop, before the test is over.

Lena and Anna

Video Length: 9 min


Ever since these two sweethearts were punished together by their mean, dominating father, they can't get rid of this haunting fantasy. They did not have anyone close enough to share this wicked dream with, so soon they found themselves in the Club. Having poured out their hearts, they got rid of their clothes exposing themselves and prepared to handle some serious flagellation, one after another.


Video Length: 9 min


One can improve the efficiency of punishment by showing it to those who are likely to practice the very same misbehavior. The three girls in their night gowns were taken to the mistress from their beds, and one of them had to submit to the lady's perverse demands. Tied to the bench and spanked till her soft cheeks got red and swollen, she was a shocking yet perfectly educating sight to the other girls.


Video Length: 5 min


It's a double dose of cruel bdsm torture when this cute blonde girl is tied down with rope prone on the bed and her bdsm mistress and her cruel assistant have their way with her. She gets a whipping she will never forget as the two tormentors tear up that nice little ass of hers til it glows beet red like a stop light warning. Women torturing women and it's all here in this remarkable video.

Group Punishment

Video Length: 5 min


School's in a bdsm sort of way when this cute brunette ends up the classroom example in a sinister bdsm whipping class. The classroom dominatrix, a hottie in a short French cut hairdo shows the women of the club just how a good rope bondage ass whipping is to be delivered. She tears into this poor girl's bum with that whipping crop and turns those buttcheeks of hers into red rosey biscuits of bdsm badness.   oSpank - Spanking Tube  
  oSpank - Spanking Tube    
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